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Apart from being a millenarian teaching, Yoga and Tantra are for us some disciplines that enable people to connect to each other through diferent levels or dimensions . It is seeing through the eyes of the soul and the spirit of the others.

From the differences that we have learned and the individuality we live in, with the others and the Universe, the divine essence , we are all united from that experience. It is with that unifying essence that trascends us all  how we are able  to see the beautiful and pure inside of the participants. This is the true spirit of the Yoga and Tantra, thus transcending our individuality we are not anymore isolated, reaching the contact to the other, feeling the inner peace and a larger fullness. 

It has been said many times that personal experience is not transmited. IN the Yoga and Tantra case it happens the same. We put our mind apart so we can feel and   find ,  reaching our real life experience. We do not verbalize the feelings but live them from the heart. It is there where we are completely authentic. Tantra is a life style, also characterized by the sexual energy, not the one that comes from outside, such as the air, the sun, food….it is the one that makes our vital functions work , but, the only one that is only produced by the human being : the sexual energy. This energy is activated through the Yoga exercises, called Asanas , and through Tantra.

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